3 Best Ways To Treat Inflammatory Arthritis

Arthritis is associated with pain in different joints in the body. One of the common types, inflammatory arthritis involves the immune system and is accompanied with pain and inflammation. The symptoms include pain, swelling, higher temperature around the joints, redness and inflexibility. Are you looking for ways to treat inflammatory arthritis in any part in your body? Here are the best ways to help you out.

3 Ways to treat inflammatory arthritis

1. Detoxification

According to research, the inflammatory arthritis is primarily caused due to the presence of toxins. Therefore, detoxification is one of the best ways for treating this condition. Switch to a juice diet for one or more days per week, or use the diet for a longer stretch of time. This is a tested, effective method for detoxification.

 3 Best Ways To Treat Inflammatory Arthritis

2. Herbal Therapy

Nature always has some answer to every type of ailment. Inflammatory arthritis can also be treated using herbs such as turmeric, ginger and rosemary. They can help in reducing both pain and inflammation. This is especially because of the presence of vitamins A and E.


3. Exercise

Make exercise a regular part of your life. It is a highly effective way to fight the stiffness of the joint. Even if the joints hurt, it is important to exercise regularly to keep them flexible. It will also mean that your weight remains under control because overweight individuals are more likely to have extreme symptoms.


In addition to the above-mentioned 3 ways to treat inflammatory arthritis, medications are also recommended for treating this condition. Doctors prescribe drugs primarily for fighting the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis. This includes naproxen, aspirin and ibuprofen. They work by reducing inflammation and pain in the joints. However, if you want to get long-term relief from this form of arthritis, it would be best to consider the above-mentioned 3 treatment methods.

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