Cure Gastric Problem Naturally

Problems of stomach arise when internal lining of gastric mucosa is disturbed due to some external or internal factor, leading to increased uncontrolled secretion of acid in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid produced by gastric mucosa has deleterious effects on human body therefore its necessary to give out effective treatment regimen to cure gastric problem of any type.



Some of the easy essential habits in order to prevent gastric problem consist of controlling the dietary schedule, eating slowly while chewing of food properly, having  meals frequently but eating in small amounts, drinking of plenty of water and eating food rich in dietary fibers. For prompt recovery and relief, avoidance of excessive consumption of spices, coffees, strong teas, meat, cakes, alcohol and sour food products has been immensely stressed upon by the physicians.


Cure Gastric Problem Naturally


These problems arise from a number of factors. Most common of which is stress, physical or mental. Trauma or stress leads to ulceration of gastric mucosa while some factors lead to chronic inflammation of gastric lining which includes eating acidic food, drugs, smoking and alcohol. Gastric problems are most frequently caused by heartburn, acidity, indigestion and stomach bloating. Tumors, kidney stones, constipation, food poisoning, bacterial infections, ulcers and pancreatitis also lead to problems of the stomach.




In one cup of water, squeeze lemon juice and add half table spoon of baking soda. Completely mix the baking soda in water by continuously stirring it. It gives prompt relief from gastric problems. Employ it preferably at morning times and get an instant gastric pain relief.


Herbal tea mixture is effective in speeding up and improving the process of digestion. It is most commonly made up of chamomile, raspberry, blackberry and mint.



Daily consumption of mixture of grinded turmeric leaves in water provides an effective way to cure gastric problem of any sort.


Consumption of at least five or six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis not only prevents from a lot of diseases but also improves skin and hair.


Ginger is the easily available home based ingredient that single handedly prevents from gas formation in the stomach and cures the associated gastric problems.


Grinded potato juice is employed in home environment to cure gastric problem of any kind. At least thrice a day consumption of potato juice has shown remarkable results.


Fasting provides an easy and effective way to wash out and clean the entire stomach in order to relief pain and gastric problems. Fasting for at least two to three days discards the toxic products and gases in the stomach and cures gastric problems.


Mixture of blended garlic and boiling it with cumin seeds, coriander seeds and black pepper seeds and extraction of juices of this mixture is very effective way to cure gastric problem of any kind. The mixture is allowed to cool down and then consumed two to three times a day for better results.


Soothing effect of coconut water provides instant relief from gastric pain. Daily consumption of coconut water should be made a habit in order to have a healthy and hygiene gastric environment.


Apple cider vinegar or even the normal vinegar if the former is not available has proved to be a very efficient home based therapy to cure gastric problem of any sort. In warm water, three table spoons of apple cider vinegar should be added, allow it to cool at temperature and then it should be consumed for instant relief of gastric problems.

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